Tuesday, May 15, 2012

endings and beginnings

As of last Saturday, we have completed one cycle in the 24-topic curriculum we introduced at Bethany Bible School in 2008.  In November, BBS will have its first “graduates”—though I doubt that any of our regulars will cease attending our conferences and workshops.

We ended, as does the Bible, with the book of Revelation.  My selection of which courses to teach when was somewhat random, but to end on Revelation was appropriate indeed.  The book brings to the fore the main themes, symbols, and images of the Bible as a whole, and therefore served as a summary of what this curriculum was designed to teach.

Our next gathering is a workshop slated for 1-2 June.  A guest instructor will teach on composting, gardening, and small business creation through food production. 

The next curriculum cycle starts in August, followed by a workshop in October on youth.  And then the big graduation in November.

Our committee has been anticipating BBS graduation for so long already.  Completion of the certificate comes with a BBS sash this year—and the students can hardly contain their excitement.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years in this place, it’s that the people love their celebrations, their pomp and circumstance, their flowing robes, their flowery decorations.

For those who will be graduating such celebration will be well-earned.


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