Wednesday, May 25, 2011

North American Ministry

We've just reached another milestone in our missionary career. Yesterday we arrived in the United States for the beginning of our second "North American Ministry", or time away from our host country of South Africa in our sending country. This time around we will be here for seven months, returning to South Africa just after Christmas.

The purpose of this period will be:

1) visits to our supporting congregations throughout Mennonite Church USA (June, July, August)
2) "mission education" at various other events and church visits (October, November, December)
3) spending time with extended family
4) personal renewal

We made lots of arrangements in order to be gone from South Africa for this amount of time. This period will be a good test of whether the work we have been doing over the last five years can continue long into the future. We return to the United States pleased that we were able to make all the necessary arrangements before leaving South Africa. Now we leave the work to others in confidence and in prayer.

In telling people about our plans, one other question kept resurfacing--"What about the boys?" The boys will complete the fall term of school in the states, in Goshen, Indiana.

We hope to see many of you around!


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