Monday, January 17, 2011

living the dream

The coming of this day every year, the third Monday in January, is for me an opportunity to undergo one of my favorite experiences: to be moved by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am grateful that I am, in certain ways, living Dr. King’s dream; not “in Alabama” but in South Africa, I see “little black boys and black girls” joining hands with “little white boys”—my own— “as sisters and brothers.” Such a witness means at least as much in South Africa as it does in the United States of America.

And just as Dr. King often and in brilliant fashion called upon the hymns and prophetic words of his faith to interpret the old and call into being a new world, so more than a few South African brothers and sisters have proclaimed the “fulfillment of prophecy” through the words of a cherished hymn upon our sharing of worship together.

Abantsundu nabamhlope/Mababulele kunye/Mabavakalise bonke/Baculele iNkosi

Blacks and whites/let them give thanks together/let them all proclaim the good news /let them sing to the Lord


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  1. Also a favourite of mine when were were there, Joe.