Thursday, November 11, 2010

provision through the church

During our partnership council meetings last June, during the time when each of our South African partners shared about his or her respective vision for ministry, Pastor Ntapo of Harvest Time Ministries in Mthatha disclosed that he and his wife had discovered that many of the children who come to the church on Sunday have not yet had a meal on that day. As a result, the Ntapos had resolved—out of their own pockets—to provide a little something for their parishioners to eat every Sunday. We have certainly experienced the sharing of food within the church to be the rule, not the exception, over the last half of this year. Our children, though well-fed at home, share no less in the overflow of the Ntapos’ generosity than the children who do not know—except perhaps with regard to the church—from where their next meal will come. Just as Jesus taught and then fed the five thousand “in a desert place”, so Pastor Ntapo declares, “We have been fed with the spiritual food—now we will be fed with the physical food as well” (Mk. 6:30-44).



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