Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bethany Bible School Committee at work

The Committee of Bethany Bible School met this weekend.  Our agenda was primarily twofold: oral examinations over the year’s topics; preparation for our November graduation conference.  If the Committee’s performance in the exams is any indicator of how the student body at large will perform next month, this will have been a banner year indeed.  In this, the third year of our new curriculum with oral tests, we have seen vast improvement.  Reasons for that improvement:

1.  Increasing familiarity with the curriculum and method of learning and what is expected of students

2.  The addition this year of a review time following each lesson at conferences

3.  Last but certainly not least, the distribution of a study guide ahead of exams.

The Committee was prepared.  Their answers this year were direct, to-the-point, given with confidence, and, much more often than not, correct.

BBS Committee Meeting Oct 2010 017

planning next month’s graduation

BBS Committee Meeting Oct 2010 020

Committee posing with our certificate of registration as a Non-Profit Organization in South Africa, a status which we received this year

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