Wednesday, September 15, 2010

tyre rolling

Several churches have asked us for South Africa-related activities to do with Sunday School groups or Vacation Bible School. In an effort to respond to this I will try to regularly include suggestions of children's activities. Here is a first installment.

Moses and Isaac with tyres in 2006
Photo courtesy of Dan Nighswander

A favourite activity at Isaac and Moses' preschool was tyre rolling. The school had a pile of tyres which the kids ran around with at break time. You can use car tyres or bike tyres. An added skill is to push and balance the tyre with a stick. Take a look at Isaac and Moses rolling tyres and then try it yourself.




  1. "Get me a tire, some open space & a stick." Cormac, after viewing the boys on our computer. Totally coincidentally, he has begun singing "We are Marching in the Light of God" after watching the video (while he plays with his Lego figures at the kitchen table). Love you! xo jill

  2. Thanks Jill! Good to know. We're really missing all of you.