Friday, September 24, 2010

our work, explained for kids

One of the ministries we work with is called Bethany Bible School (BBS). BBS is a school for pastors who don't have very much formal education. Many of them have not gone past third grade! Our former chairman had never been to school at all and could not read or write. And yet they are leading churches and want some education to help them do that better. We read the Bible together and talk about what it means. They are all very grateful to get this education and some of them come a long way to school—some from 3 or 4 hours away.

After the group session, we break into small groups to discuss a particular scripture. In this picture, a group was meeting under a particularly nice tree.

Between sessions we always sing. Sometimes we get to dancing and sometimes dancing/running around a circle.

The symbol of the school shows a person rising up from a Bible. We hope that studying the Bible at Bethany Bible School will give them confidence and will help them to rise up from their difficult lives. The slogan of our school is “we are growing in the knowledge of the Son.” What do you think this means? Who is the Son? How do we grow in knowledge?

Mama Dokolwana is wearing a t-shirt with the BBS symbol and the words "Siyakhula ekwazini uNyana" which means "we are growing in the knowledge of the Son."

We also work with a small church called Harvest Time Ministries. This church is made up mostly of kids and youth. Most of the kids come by themselves without their parents. We met the dad of two of the kids once and he said that whenever his kids hear our car, they run out the door because they know that church must be starting! Church usually lasts about three hours and often the kids sit still for the whole thing. They usually have Sunday School before the service so they are often there for 5 hours on a Sunday! Sometimes the kids leave for the sermon and go play outside. One time there was a bull roaming around outside the church and all the kids had a good time running away from it. It wasn't a dangerous bull but it was still fun.

In this picture a lot of the church members are standing outside the church building. Most of the kids are not in this picture.

But here are a bunch of the kids, singing a song for the whole church. They perform as a choir every week.


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  1. Hi Anna! My husband and I are seriously considering serving with MCC (hopefully in South Africa), but we need some advice or some basic knowledge on how it works or what to expect. Would it be OK to contact you or (and) your husband to talk about some of these things? Let me know what you think or if you have any time available. I surely don't want to interrupt your busy days :)
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