Thursday, August 19, 2010


We got an email in May asking us whether we would like to have a nanny for a few months. Well, how could we say no to that? 2010 has been frustrating for me (Anna) with a baby and a two year old and no place to house the Mennonite household helper of the past 30 years. So this email was an answer to prayer in many ways. We did not yet know in how many ways.

Erica Yoder comes from Clinton Frame Mennonite Church, one of our supporting congregations, and her parents have been long time supporters of mission. She is 21 years old and at a cross roads in her life. She arrived in Mthatha on the 20th of July to stay for two months.

Erica has more than fulfilled all of our hopes for her. In addition to reading to Levi, talking with Moses, doing homework with Isaac, and playing with Jesse, she has gotten involved in the youth group at our little church, befriended our friends, attended Bible study, and generally launched herself into life in Mthatha.

Here are some pictures of Erica pursuing life to its fullest.

Our friend Sim put extensions in Erica's hair. It took two full days but the result has been well worth it. She looks great and everyone turns to see the white girl with extensions.

Erica practiced putting a baby on her back with Levi who is less likely to throw himself off than Jesse is.

Erica and Jesse.

Erica with our pastors, the Ntapos.

At church in Mthatha with Mama Ntapo (right) and some members of a visiting congregation.


Erica and other members of the Harvest Time Ministries Youth Group singing in De Aar.


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