Wednesday, June 30, 2010

St. Lucia wildlife

We returned yesterday evening from one week of traveling with Anna’s parents, her two brothers, Jacob and Aaron, and Aaron’s girlfriend, Kelli. Our destination spot, the same as last year, was St. Lucia. The village of St. Lucia, located on Lake St. Lucia, regularly sees hippos walk through its streets after dark. In fact, Aaron and Kelli witnessed one such “urban hippo” while enjoying coffee from the deck of a local restaurant. Last year, Isaac and Moses with their grandparents watched hippos graze on the back lawn of our accommodations. Both years we also went on a boat tour of the lake to see hippos, crocs, and various birds. This year we were fortunate enough to see a fish eagle.

St. Lucia vacation 2010 113 Our greatest discovery, however, came one day while driving back from the beach at Cape Vidal. A mother and baby rhino walked along the road for several minutes—for only us to see.

St. Lucia vacation 2010 203 St. Lucia vacation 2010 200

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