Monday, July 26, 2010

harvest time

The past year has brought us our most successful garden ever. Here are some pictures of our harvest.

Isaac and Nikwa pose with our Indiana sweetcorn.

Joe and I also wanted to be seen with this great crop.

One day Levi helped me shell our dried beans--sugar beans and cow peas (native to South Africa but used all over the world).

My favourite part of Christmas dinner is cauliflower and cheese sauce. This year I grew my own cauliflower for the occasion.

Moses and Isaac love pulling their own carrots from the ground and eating them with the tops attached.

Our chili bushes were our most productive. We have strings of drying chilies all over our kitchen and jars and jars of pickled chilies which we eat with everything. Moses loved to pick them.

Spring is coming and we hope for another good year, full of the natural miracles that God gives us every day.



  1. Anna, I love to see these pictures into your life. Wow, what a garden... and wonderful kids!! :) You and your family are in my prayers, always.

  2. sweet corn? in Mthatha? don't you know the only kind of corn allowed in Mthatha is the barely edible stuff that can be crushed to make mealie meal?