Wednesday, May 12, 2010

children from overseas

Tata and Mama Momoza

This morning we went to visit our friends after too long an interval. Mama and Tata Momoza had welcomed us on our arrival to South Africa and we have since visited them at regular intervals and them us. In 2008, we spent a week at their house. They are members of the Bible school but have been unable to attend for a few years now because of a series of health problems. Because we see them only periodically, our visits to them serve as a measure of our Xhosa language improvement. Today we had not seen them for about 9 months and were pleased to find that we could carry on the entire conversation quite comfortably in Xhosa. We exchanged family news and Bible school news and had a good laugh about some recent developments at the Bible school. There always comes a point where our minds are full and our Xhosa fails us. The crash came a little later this time than previously. We always enjoy the Momozas' company and I want to share some photos of various times with them over the past few years.

Early on in our time in South Africa we attended a weekend worship service at their homestead. Isaac and Moses were excited to get warm bath water brought to our room first thing in the morning.

2 1/2 years later, Levi got to have his own bucket bath at the Momozas.

In 2008, we spent a week with the Momozas and learned a lot from them. Mama Momoza and Moses discuss the manure they are putting in the planting hole in this picture.

The Momozas are very patient teachers and we often read the Bible together in Xhosa or had a lesson outside like this.

Mama Momoza is very active in her community, doing home-based health care for people living with HIV/AIDS and running income generating sewing projects. In 2007, she arranged for school uniforms to be given to all the AIDS orphans in her area. They are pictured here clutching their new clothes.

Tata Momoza always introduces us as his "children from overseas". Today I am feeling grateful to the Momozas and all those who have adopted us and made us feel like family and not outsiders.


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