Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bumping into God

At breakfast this morning we were reading the Revised Common Lectionary readings for the week which, today being ascension day, were related to the ascension of Jesus.

Moses (age almost 5) was getting visibly upset by something and said "but God is not our God, Jesus is our God." He went on to tell us that God is not "real", Jesus is real because he had a body and Joseph is his father because Joseph also had a body.

Isaac (age 7) responded to him with the transfiguration story and asked "whose voice came from the cloud? Was it Joseph or was it God?"

Moses came back at him: "but if God were real, we'd be bumping into him all the time."

I like this image. Today, I am going to think of "bumping into God" all the time.


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  1. Oh man. You are covering the transfiguration. We're still trying to cover the idea of the Trinity here. Tough stuff, even for adults! But I do like Moses's idea of bumping into God. Nice and somehow very comforting. Thanks, Moshe!
    Auntie J xo