Thursday, April 29, 2010

trip to northern cape

Last Thursday, we set out for a long weekend, extended by public holidays on Monday and Tuesday, in the Northern Cape Province. En route we stayed overnight in the town of Aliwal North, on the border between the Eastern Cape and Free State provinces. The town boasts natural hot springs. We took this picture of our boys beside one of the pools.
We resumed our travels on Friday. Our destination was the small town of Philipstown, located in the scenic Karoo region of South Africa. This field of cacti was on the long gravel road between Colesburg and Philipstown.
The purpose of our trip was a weekend of seminars with two churches, Grace Community Church, with headquarters at Philipstown and branches throughout the Karoo, and New Beginnings, a church in the nearby town of De Aar. GCC is a member of Mennonite World Conference and has recently expressed a desire to know much more about their Mennonite identity. New Beginnings is a church which has also expressed interest in Anabaptism and recently made contact with us Mennonite mission workers in South Africa.
We proceeded by exploring the identity and mission of the church from the New Testament and church history. In this session I am leading a Bible study on Ephesians 2:11-22. You can see that Isaac is also participating.

Though this was our first trip to Philipstown, our American and Canadian colleagues have been nurturing this relationship with GCC over the last four plus years. The weekend was for us a wonderful experience of giving and receiving gifts within the Body of Christ.



  1. I like seeing Moses holding a soccer ball although my guess is he's been shooting some hoops with it - Uncle Dan

  2. Actually Dan, he was caught kicking a basketball yesterday. Maybe your dreams will be fulfilled.

  3. Let me send our belated birthday wishes to Joe. We were in the midst of our Northwest vacation and were not on the computer very much. Hope you had a great one!