Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I had written two weeks ago about my frustrations with trying to empower people who may not want to be empowered (whose decisions?). Specifically, our committee was not willing or able to stand up for the decisions that they had made but, as soon as any dissent arose, they came back to "pleading" with us for new decisions. I went into our committee meeting last week prepared to come out feeling even worse about the future of the school.

But when the issue of decision-making arose on the agenda, our chairperson made a speech in which he apologised for the manner in which the issue had been brought to us and said: "the committee appeared as people who do not stand to their word."

I was touched. I was thrilled. I was humbled. I was hopeful. This was a committee that we could work with. A committee that wanted to "stand to their word."

The discussion went around and around and when all facts and details, thoughts and opinions had been laid out, the committee decided that the decision taken in November was still the one that would serve the most people the most faithfully. Everyone weighed in, consensus was reached, and the committee committed itself to defending the decision to the people.

We move on in hope.

Tata Gumenke, committee chairperson


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