Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A little illustration of how everything in our house becomes a competition or you know you are living in an all-boy household when....

After four days of rain, the sun finally came out and Moses, Jesse and I took a little walk around the yard to check on all the plants. We noticed that one lavender bush was choking out another one and decided to trim back the big one. We made a huge bouquet of lavender which Moses said he wanted in his room "to make him sleepy". He also cut a little sprig for his pillow.

That night, Isaac was upset that Moses had a lavender sprig on his pillow and he didn't. So we cut him one too. The next day I happened to be walking by his room and saw Isaac with a scissors "giving a haircut" to the lavender bouquet. I decided to ignore the whole thing.

The following day I went to take off his sheets to wash them and discovered what he had been up to.

I guess Isaac won the lavender competition.


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