Friday, May 29, 2009

four whole years

Moses celebrated his fourth birthday this week--our second born, our VBAC, our talker. He's just distinctly Moses in every way.

In the morning, he opened presents (with a lot of help from Isaac) from family, including this set of living room furniture
for their playhouse from grandma and grandpa maya.

Moses took a cake to school to share with his class.

His teacher, Titsha Sibongile, helped him cut it.

After school, some of the boys' friends from the neighbourhood came over and we played Pin the Tail on the Zebra.
Moses and Bayanda take their turns in these pictures.

We broke a not-yet-dry-pinata. Only two heads got accidentally bashed in the process. And we removed the blindfold and stopped spinning the kids when we moved to using the aluminium bat.

Jesse came over and made them all dizzy by having them spin around a bat.

Moses was pretty tired (and getting cranky) by the time the cake came out but he managed to get those candles eventually.

And just for good measure--here are all three boys.


  1. Happy birthday, Moses, I love you. Love Silas

  2. Love and happy birthday to you, Moses!