Thursday, April 16, 2009

institutional loyalty

In March, we met with the Bethany Bible School executive committee in order to discuss the future of the school. The school meets four times a year in Mthatha (a central location) and three times a year we also travel to four 'branches' in more rural areas.

However, the numbers at these branches have not been good and we were asking the committee to consider other ways to use the time and money that we currently spend in that travel. Or to rethink the ways in which those branches are done, how they can reach out to more people. The discussion was very painful as it continually came back to more commitments to try harder at doing the same old thing.

At one point the former chairperson named the underlying issue: "we are afraid that the school will close down and that is why we pretend that we don't see these that these numbers are not good."

We have observed this institutional loyalty in institutions in America and elsewhere; we hold tight to the institutions that are important to us as if they, and not the Kingdom of God whose purpose they are supposed to serve, are life itself.


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