Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter this year involved less work for us than in previous years. Levi was still recovering from a major illness and we had also found ourselves burned-out and not prepared to minister to others. We attended a local church at which we had no responsibilities and spent the day as a family, with some friends over for dinner.

The boys were semi-shocked to find chocolate for breakfast on Easter morning.

Isaac prepared himself for church.

Levi looked healthy again and wouldn't let go of his chocolate.

One of the things about being strangers in a strange land is the automatic connection you have with other foreigners, merely by virtue of your common outsider-ness. Be they Scottish, Malawian, or Pakistani there is a feeling of shared experience. We ate Easter dinner with our friend Jesse, an American/Canadian who has been in Mthatha for almost two years and 2 Scottish, 2 German, and 1 Austrian volunteer. After dinner, Joe and Jesse played music for us.

Moses and Laura took a lot of pictures together.


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