Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a day in the life of Bethany Bible School

A few weeks before our first conference of the year, our usual venue informed us that they had given our date away and we would not be allowed to use the hall or hostels on the weekend that we had reserved them. We scrambled to find a new location and found one with excellent facilities but many kilometers off the road. On Friday afternoon, Joe and another student who has a car did shuttle runs from town to the new location to get all of the students there. On one of the trips we saw a group of four who were simply making their way there, eager to be there and not waiting around for a lift. They had suitcases on their heads and blankets in their arms. This was an encouraging sign to us.

On Saturday, the morning began with an interactive lecture by Joe with Mama Tshandu translating.

Some students wrote notes.

Moses, Kazimla, and Siya enjoyed the singing and also listened to some of the discussion.

Students broke into four discussion groups to work through a passage from Leviticus.

After the teaching and a late lunch there was time for fellowship, further discussion, and sorting out committee business.

Overall we were very encouraged by the weekend--by the initiatives that the committee took, the leadership of the new deputy chairperson, and the response to the teaching.

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