Thursday, January 22, 2009


During Advent we had family worship services every evening. We used the Jesse Tree model in which we told the story of the people of God, leading up the birth of Christ. For each story we made a symbol that was put on a tree. The boys could look at each symbol and tell many details from the story as well as draw some meaning from it. This was a great joy to their parents.

We told the boys of creation.

The next night we told the story of the Tower of Babel. We said that the people had been scattered because they wanted to be greater than God and they were trying to put their security in buildings.

The next night we told of Abraham and Sarah. It is a such a beautiful follow-up to Babel. They go far from their people and live in tents and yet they are secure because their faith is in God.

The next morning we got the letter saying that we had to move out of our house, to be homeless strangers in a strange land.

What was God doing to us? Did we really have to reenact the Biblical story in our own lives? Did we have to be taken up on our words about putting our faith in God and not in buildings?

That night we had planned to tell the story of the binding of Isaac. It was a moment that I had anticipated from the time of naming our oldest son Isaac. I knew that we would have to tell the story and had to come to terms with the story myself. Did we really have to tell it on the night when we also had to tell our Isaac that he had to move away from the place where his best friend lived and where he had security? Did we have to sacrifice our sons for this call of ours?

We told the story. God provided. God really provided. The boys hung a fuzzy sheep on the Jesse Tree to symbolize God's provision. And so we too were provided for and Isaac and Moses and Levi have thrived in the move and are as happy as ever.

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