Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BBS Graduation

We end each school year with a weekend of teaching and celebration of graduation. Students who have participated in 3 of the 4 conferences that year receive certificates. This year we added a terminal degree of 24 modules which will take 6 years of quarterly attendance to complete. A new requirement with this certificate is annual oral examination. Students come with a range of basic education from none to having completed high school. Many were very timid about coming to test but grew in confidence as their interview went on. Here a group of students sit to answer questions on what they have learned this year.

Four of the testing committee discuss issues with the students.

Rev. Reuben Mgodeli was elected to deputy chairpersonship on friday night. He has been a very enthusiastic and bright student and we had hoped to see him on the committee but feared that it would not be so. Others with similar gifts have not survived within our tenure; the combination of their arrogance and others' felt inferiority drove them away. The following day Rev. Mgodeli stood in the place of honor as emcee of graduation ceremonies.

Moses, Isaac, and Levi had a great weekend running around with their friends. Here Isaac and his friends, Siyanda, Siyamthanda, and Mihla crawl with Levi.

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  1. So good to hear that things are going well with the school! Very exciting.