Friday, August 8, 2008


"Siyahamba"--in both the Xhosa and Zulu languages--means "we are walking". The phrase probably evokes for some a popular church song of the same title. Or else it carries the theme of Nelson Mandela's autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. For us, "siyahamba" also implies that the nation of South Africa is still walking, is yet on a journey. We are walking.

This is no small distinction. Some prefer to freeze South Africa in 1994, believing that the miracle of its bloodless transition from white to black-rule affords its heroes an irrevocable privilege to power and its accoutrements. Yet even the euphoria of a good dream, as Langston Hughes put it, can crust over--"or does it explode?"--if too long deferred by those--by all of us--who cease to walk.

Since 2006, we have set out to walk with South African Christians in Eastern Cape. We pray that our common journey as the church will bring near for others the kingdom of justice, joy, and peace. Thanks in advance for walking with us through this blog.


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